Book your Bamboo Products Online- Simanta Handicrafts
Book your Bamboo Products Online- Simanta Handicrafts
By Simanta_admin - April 27, 2017

Nowadays most of the companies are trying to became nature friendly than ever before. A privilege that often comes with many benefits. Bamboo it’s eco- friendly, offers a peaceful and beautiful atmosphere and reduces the stress. If you are using it as lucky bamboo and it will also provide you fresh air, and a great feel like that you are at home or outside. One thing that can be used to create a beautiful, comfortable and efficient office is bamboo.

Bamboo can be used in many ways like

  1. Lights & Lambs
  2. Standsbamboo at home:light
  3. Candle holder
  4. Shoe Rack
  5. Baskets
  6. Gift box & etc.


Bamboo Products
Bamboo panels are perfect for an office environment, not only for their beauty, but their long lasting qualities as well. Tripura based company Simanta Handicrafts has a line of bamboo curtains, that actually helps to reduce ambient noise for a silent and comfort environment. Without excess noise, you’ll be able to get your work done in peaceful environment. Plus, the curtains are available in a variety of colors for your office. Not only bamboo curtains are reliable, they naturally blend into many home decoration styles, and it is traditional.

Bamboo Furniture

bamboo products:round-dining-table-set-4-chair-1-tableNow a day’s everyone is going with eco-friendly and modern products. Take a look for Bamboo products online. Bamboo furniture’s are light weight, so everyone can handle easily, and it is strong too. Bamboo products are resistant to heat, so it will not expand or shrink.

Computer accessories
Bamboo is becoming more famous accessory when it comes to technical world. In future you can get computer accessories from Simanta Handicrafts.